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Update Obtober 13, 2015: use our contact form to send us your project. We’ll get in contact with you for more information. Please indicate “Title of project, University, year and text to explain the project”.

Through this form you can send your project (PFC). Send us a message if you have any problem.

We recommend you to prepare your drawings with 3,000 or 4,000 pixels in their longest dimension. Name them with numbers: 01, 02 03… followed by the name of the drawing: 03_situation-plan.png

Do not leave blank space in the names, use instead “_” and “-“.

You can also publish dwg, dxf o pdf. It will only be published the files that you are uploading. If you have any problem it could be that your files are too big and exceed the limit. Try with smaller files. If problems persist upload only some files and indicate in the content of the message that you still need more room.

As there have been some problems with users uploading files we tell you how to do it. First select the files one by one. Then press the “Upload now!” button. Once completed you can now send the project giving the button that says “Send”, before guessing the letters of recapcha, of course.

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